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Income From Home – 4 Steps That Turn Your Dream Of A Home Business Into Reality

Posted on October 27, 2018 in Uncategorized

Millions of people dream about starting their own home based business. Are you one of those millions? It’s great if you are, but please don’t be like many of the dreamers who either chase after every new “opportunity” and never really succeed, or dream and dream, but never start. Or, they do start some kind of home business and then give up too soon because success doesn’t come as fast as they expected so they lose hope, or don’t know what to do next.

If you dream of having your own home business, you can finally discover a legitimate home business that has the best chance of being successful. And then, you can start your own home based business now. Why wait any longer?

Imagine being able to discover the PERFECT home based business. Imagine being able to focus only on that business so you can stop wasting your time and money trying out every new “opportunity” that sounds good. Imagine starting your own PERFECT home based business and becoming successful in it.

There are four steps to turning your dream into reality:

1. Check out each home business “opportunity” to see if it meets the 7 key requirements a home business must have in order to qualify as the PERFECT Home Based Business. It is important for you to be convinced that the business you choose is the right one. Each letter in the word P.E.R.F.E.C.T. stands for one of the 7 key requirements.

Is it Profitable?

Is it Easy?

Is it Real?

Does it Fit with your desired lifestyle?

Is it E-Friendly (uses the internet and e-mail for marketing)?

Is it Competitve?

Is it Testable at low risk?

2. When you find out which business fits the requirements better than any other business, you must have the personal strength and commitment to focus only on that business. Stop trying out something else every week that sounds good. Stick with the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. home business you discovered in step one and work at it until you make it a success. Yes, it will take some work. Expect it. And it will almost certainly take longer than you think. So what? Wouldn’t it be worth it to finally make your home business dream a reality?

3. Learn everything you can about the business you choose. Learn how successful businesses (like your perfect home business) are started and how they make money. What will you need to do, what skills will you need, and what will you need to learn in order to succeed? Who has already succeeded and is willing to teach you the ropes so you don’t waste time and money learning the hard way?

4. Take directed action until you succeed and don’t give up.

Follow the seven action steps that will lead you to success in the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. home based business. Here are the 7 action steps:

Passion: Find a business you can be passionate about that matches your core desires and leverages your strengths.

Economics: If there is no profitable market for the products or services you intend to form your business around, it won’t do much good for you to be passionate about them. Find a profitable market before you create any products.

Research: Learn everything you can about your intended prospects and your market, about products or services already being bought in your market, and about your competitors. But, don’t get paralyzed by analysis. Learn what you can quickly and move on to the next step.

Find your business model: For most businesses and markets, there are at least several different business models you could follow and be successful. Choose the one related to your perfect home business that sounds best to you, the one that makes best use of your strengths, and the one that sounds like the most fun.

Establish your product line: Create or find products to offer to your prospects. Think about creating a long term business and not just a short term income stream. So, don’t just create or find one product, plan for at least several related products in your product line. You should have products at various price points so prospects can buy your less expensive product first. As they develop trust in you and your products they will buy your more expensive products also.

Complete your marketing machine: Your marketing machine will almost certainly be more than just a website. Whatever is required for effective marketing in your perfect home business, make sure you have it set up and tested to make sure it is working properly. At a minimum, you need a way to reach your intended prospects, you need an offer to present your products or services to them, a way to take payment, and a way to follow up with your prospects and customers to build your relationship with them and continue offering them value and products.

Traffic and Conversion: Getting prospects to view and read your offer is Traffic. Without traffic, you can’t get any orders. But, getting prospects to take the action you desire on your offer page is Conversion. That action could be getting them to opt in to your e-mail list or getting them to place an order for one of your products for example. If you have millions of people viewing your offer, but nobody takes your desired action, you won’t get any orders either. Once you have your marketing machine set up, getting both Traffic and Conversion is critical.

Here are the 4 steps again to turn your dream of a home business into reality.

1. Determine which business best fits the 7 key requirements for a P.E.R.F.E.C.T. home based business.

2. Focus on just that business until you are successful with it, and ignore other enticing possibilities when they come along.

3. Quickly learn everything you can about the business you choose.

4. Take action, following the 7 action steps for a P.E.R.F.E.C.T. home business. Don’t give up.

Internet MLM Business – How to Turn Any Network Marketing Business Into an Internet MLM Business

Posted on October 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

Network marketing is one of the most powerful wealth creation vehicles known to man. It is one of the most fair, most accessible business models for the average person who is willing to do what it takes to earn their financial freedom. Traditionally, this industry relied on the old “belly to belly” approach. Unfortunately this lead to the staggering 90% failure rate, since the average person just doesn’t know that many people. Luckily, there are some pioneering individuals who have learned how to leverage technology, using the internet to generate pre-qualified leads for their business. This article explains how these ambitious few turned their regular network marketing business into an internet MLM business – and how ANYBODY can.

Internet MLM Business – First, Know This…

The network marketing industry is also sometimes known as the relationship marketing industry, and with good reason. Success in this industry really doesn’t happen unless you understand that it really truly is all about relationships. If you are a lone wolf, out to make some quick money at the expense of others and retire rich, then you have another thing coming. Because people will do NOTHING with you until they know that you truly care about THEM. Why? Because people do things for their reasons, not yours. They don’t care how much fun you’re having, or how much success you’re seeing. They only care what’s in it for them, initially anyways.

The point here is that if a person isn’t genuinely interested in helping OTHERS succeed and reach their goals of financial freedom with their internet MLM business, no amount of leads or sales skills will help them. You must understand this first. Now the good stuff…

Internet MLM Business – Imagine people coming to YOU

Here is the beauty of the internet MLM business. Once you understand a few simple marketing strategies (which anybody can learn), you can literally market yourself and your business to ONLY the people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. This is a drastic change from the traditional “Go meet some new people to pitch” approach that the network marketing industry is notorious for. Imagine having a steady stream of 5-10, even 25, or 50 leads a day that are not only interested in what you have to offer, they are coming to YOU asking for more information. This is the reality of an internet network marketing business, when done right.

Internet MLM Business – Learn, Do, Teach

The best part about the internet MLM business approach is that it is the most duplicatable approach there is. Most people understand that any network marketing business relies on duplication to really be successful. Unfortunately what often happens is that one person has the skills to attract people into their business, but then they aren’t sure how to give those skills to others. This completely strangles their business, as you can imagine.

But when you’re using an internet MLM business model, anyone can learn these skills and attract high quality individuals to look at their business. The duplication is better than ever, and so is everyone’s chance at success.

Any MLM business can become an internet MLM business. Learn even one of these simple marketing strategies (article/content marketing, video marketing, social media marketing through Facebook/twitter/LinkedIn, PPC, Banner ads, classifieds, etc.) and you’re off to the races.

Define & Conquer: How to Successfully Market Your Business Using “The Silver Rule”

Posted on October 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

When you and your business are clearly defined, you are creating a clear focus for your business. Clients, colleagues and new encounters will immediately be able to understand the focus of your business, thereby enhancing your visibility and expertise and what makes you different. This will, in turn, boost your revenues and increase your compensation as clients and future prospects will immediately understand what you do and want to hire you immediately. In addition, when others understand what you do and how you do it, they will refer you more, causing more referral opportunities. Not too shabby, huh?

There are five essential tools to Defining and Conquering your business: Imagine, Plan, Target, Focus, and Lead with the Silver Rule.

Essential Tool #1: Imagine

The most important person that needs to understand who you are and what you do needs to be you. If you do not imagine your personal and professional goals with confidence, how can you expect anyone else to? Be sure to know what the future will look like. Leverage your past successes and most importantly, adopt your fear as opportunities. A good friend once told me that uncertainty leads to opportunity, and she was completely right. Uncertainty is not the rule for failure; yes, it’s the unknown, but that is not bad. I urge you to adopt and embrace your fears as true opportunities. Once you can imagine what you want and where you want to go, it will help others understand and follow your lead.

Essential Tool #2: Plan

As with anything I can think of, you need to plan and know the costs associated with your actions. You must plan and visualize for success and with any successful endeavor you need to know what your ROI (Return on Investment) is. ROI can be defined in time or money, but if you don’t take a moment to determine what the costs are for you and your business, you will always be playing catch up. Know what your key drivers are for yourself and your business. Do you feel balanced in life (don’t worry: few people do) and if not, what can you do about it? If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of time you are out of the office, planning on attending another 4 networking events is not going to help you.

Objectively look at your business and life, and what you need to do to move your personal and professional goals forward. Recognize all resources. It’s important to understand that even if you are a solo practitioner, you are not alone. You have a team of friends, family and colleagues that you can call upon for counsel, information and, dare I say, help. Know your resources and what their experiences are. It’s a wonderful thing to find out that a member of your family has experience or ties to a market you are looking to learn more about.

Essential Tool 3: Target

It’s great to target the world, but I urge you to create targets worth reaching. Remember that ROI I mentioned in Tool 2: Plan. If you arbitrarily choose a target and don’t know the return on your investment or how much you need to invest in it, you will be vulnerable. Be specific, optimistic, positive, realistic, and, of course, think in both the short and long term. A short-term goal for determining a target can be meeting one person who understands that target for information gathering. A longer-term goal can be scheduling to go to an event where this target meets. When targeting and creating goals, please create successes for yourself not failures. Create goals you can reach, not that you are dreading to meet.

Essential Tool 4: Focus

Once your target is defined, you must focus on it. Be a Target Advocate. One of our strengths at Doubet Consulting is our ability to be a Target Advocate. A Target Advocate is someone who sees a business from the perspective of his or her target customer. See your business as a stranger would. See the steps necessary to get to a desired point and look for the gaps where a prospect or client may fall. It’s important to see how you and your firm’s actions are felt by others.

Essential Tool 5: Lead with the Silver Rule

Now that you have Imagined, Planned, Targeted and Focused, it’s time to Lead. After you know where to find the right listeners, you need to be prepared. I can not tell you how many people with great intentions define themselves and them ignore the other person. Stop and listen. It is vital that you understand and learn what the other person does and know their services and targets. This person can be a future resource for you or your clients or can lead to synergistic opportunities in the future. Remember, uncertainty leads to opportunities, not nowhere.

When it’s your turn to introduce yourself, I suggest you lead with The Silver Rule.

The Silver Rule is:
Who you are + What your firm does + What your firm’s strengths are + How you solve your client’s problems + Action (if applicable)

What’s Next? Conquer!

Now that you have the steps to start Defining and Conquering your networking opportunities, I want everyone to be confident, practice and have fun. I would also love to hear some of your own Silver Rules. So, please email me back your Silver Rule.

Have fun and happy networking!