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Wholesale Party Materials – Top 4 Events For Your Wholesale Party Materials Business!

Posted on November 9, 2018 in Uncategorized

Going into the business of selling party materials involve buying supplies from a wholesale supplier and combining all those materials to make up themes for specific events. There are a lot of events to provide materials and themes for and this is the appeal of a business like this. Everyone will surely want to enjoy the company of people they want to be around with and you can help by handling the party for them. The question then is what particular events are the most popular.

Here are the top 4 events you can provide party materials for and even handle.

1. Baby Showers

With the number of women in the world today, more than half will probably get pregnant and choose to have a baby shower. This is an enticing reason to provide materials and themes for baby showers. What is best with a wholesale business is that the buyers are bereft of additional costs at the same quality or even better. So it is not at all shocking that baby showers are on top of our list. Besides, couples and singles moms will want to ease the pressure of their pregnancies by having friends around them offering them their support and love.

2. Seasonal Parties

When I say seasonal parties I am referring to all holidays and pseudo holidays in the world. Yes, you can go global too in this business. Imagine all the celebrations and special days around the world. You can supply almost half of this celebrations and will definitely earn you more money. The best thing about seasonal parties is that they are so popular that the themes are easier to conceive. You do not need much imagination with these types of parties unlike baby showers and the other two events in the succeeding sections.

3. Kiddie Parties

Parents want the best for their kids and providing them fabulous parties is no exception. This is one aspect of the business that you should really take advantage of. While little more imagination is required, simply tapping your inner child would suffice. There are a lot of themes you can provide for. What is best about kiddie parties is that kids are the easiest to please. However, be careful too because kids are also terrible when disappointed. So make sure you provide the party that is most fun.

4. Company Parties

The most difficult yet most financially fulfilling event to provide for are company parties. This kind of event requires a lot of details and imagination. In short, you will provide fun for people who may be older than you are if not the same age. This is challenging but will certainly bring out the best in you. Themes are not easy to think of and the materials you will provide may require more costs. However, if you provide an excellent atmosphere you will surely be in for a hefty paycheck.

How to Create Leads For Your Home Based Business

Posted on November 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

Learning how to create leads for your Home Based Business is the single most important skill you can develop. The people at the top of any network marketing company are the ones that had the most people to talk to. It really is as simple as that. When you hear about the top earners in the industry that have recruited hundreds of reps personally, what does that tell you? That tells you that they had hundreds and hundreds of quality people to talk to. You always hear the same pitch about making a list of your friends and neighbors, but the truth is the heavy hitters in this industry recruit hundreds of total strangers. They have a system that creates leads for them on a daily basis.

Imagine how much easier it would be for you to build your current business if every morning when you woke up and went online, there were 5 – 10 new people in your back office wanting more information about what you were doing? Can you imagine the difference this would make in your business? People contacting you instead of you contacting them. Do you see the potential this brings to your business? How many more people could you recruit into your business with 100 new leads a month asking you about your home based business?

Let me show you the four simple steps that you can use to create leads on a consistent basis.

Step 1. Build a List.
This is the beginning of your long term success for your home based business. You want to capture the name and email address of every single person that visits your site. Once you have that lead in your system you can develop a relationship with them. Building a list is as simple as putting together a one page capture site. It lists the benefits of what you are offering and then has a field for their name and email address. Once they submit that information, they then get directed to the information promised.

Step 2. Monetize the List with an Offer. Once the lead is in your system, you can then offer them solutions to help solve their problems. It could be anything from showing them how to use auto responders to where to host a website or how to market on Facebook. Anything thing that brings value to that lead, you can offer it to them. The beauty is that you can earn money from your advice while you help them solve a problem. It really is a win-win situation. If you show them how to use AWeber auto responder and AWeber pays you a few dollars a month for referring that client, everybody wins. You earn extra money, your lead learns a new skill and AWeber gets a new customer. So you get paid while you are building your leads list. If you made money while building a leads list, you could do it for as long as you want. It pays for itself.

Step 3. Build a Relationship with these Leads. (This is Key) Once you start growing a large list of leads, the secret is to develop a relationship with these people. Get to know them. Learn about their families and what business’s they are involved in. Find their need and fill it. You become a leader to these people and they start to respect you and they want to associate with you more. They start asking you about your primary business and how things are going with you. You have developed a relationship with your leads that will take them to the final step.

Step 4. Invite them into your Home Based Business. Once you have developed a relationship of trust and leadership with your leads, the natural progression will be like this. If or when they get bogged down in their current company and they are not getting the support they need from their upline, they will start asking you about your business. They will start wanting to become part of your business because you have helped them in the past. They will ask you to recruit them into your business. These are the best leads possible. They already know you and want to be in your downline. Once you get your lead system in place, it can generate hundreds of leads just like this each month and put thousands of dollars of extra income in your pocket separate from your primary business. Imagine building additional streams of income while building a list of future recruits.

This is the way to build any home based business. If you follow these 4 proven steps your business will boom and your income will soar.

Your Business Plan Will Create the Foundation of Your Success

Posted on November 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

This should not be a question that you would need to ask. That’s like asking “do I need a steering wheel with this car?” or “Will I ever need a charger for this cell phone?” Even though everyone may not agree that a business plan is necessary to start a business however it’s highly recommended.

A business plan is not just a document that lenders and investors want you to have because they enjoy reading over it. Think about a new housing development that is in the process of building 100 homes on a lot. Imagine if contractors, utility workers, cable splicers, and every other worker involved in building a home showed up to the lot and said “Alright someone called for our services, welp we’re here!” I couldn’t imagine the chaos created upon the arrival of everyone at one time. There is a such thing called the “building process” when it comes to new home construction. We’ll look at it from a very broad point of view for the sake of time. First you have the excavation process, then the land has to perk, and then we can start building the foundation. The foundation is the base in which the entire home will be placed upon. Let’s stop and think about it. In order to have a firm foundation built for your home, one would want to make sure that the land below will not give at any given point.

Now let’s relate this scenario to your business. Imagine that you have the vision to open a boutique and you have some great ideas, marketing strategies and awesome team players. You have what we call the “Dream Team!” What happens if the “dream team” all decides to show up for the grand opening? Well who signed the lease for the store? Who ordered the signage for the outer foundation of the boutique? Wait, where is the merchandise for the store?

Exactly. There has to be a “building process” for the grand opening of your business. First you have to map out the steps from dreaming to achieving. There should be a diagram of all parties involved and which portion of the process they will become active. This is what we call the “blueprint” in the construction world. In the world of business – we call it a business plan.

Take this time to revisit your strategic plan or business plan to ensure that you are on the track to building a firm foundations.