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Residual Income Business – Forbidden Psychological Tactics

Posted on October 31, 2018 in Uncategorized

What is a residual income business? Imagine people practically climbing over each other just to send you money each and every month. I am not talking about different people. I am talking about the same people, over and over again. That is the incredible power of a residual income business!

Statistics: 98% of entrepreneurs are failing miserably in their current home business!

Considering the fact that most programs that exist online are a complete and utter failure for its members. I have taken it upon myself to develop a psychological strategy that will work for anyone, trust me!

The secret to creating wealth “very quickly” is to create a residual income business and focus your efforts on collecting small amounts of money on a recurring basis, from as many people as possible!

Psychological Secret #1: Keep your price $25 or less. Anyone can afford that!

Psychological Secret #2: Charge your customers on a “monthly basis” (a Residual Income Business Opportunity)

Psychological Secret #3: Get your investment back with 1 sale (Staying power)

Psychological Secret #4: Business should generate a strong income “very quickly”. (Priceless!)

Psychological Secret #5: Sell a High Quality Product…”Extremely Important”

There are over 37 million people living below the poverty line and millions more are simply struggling to make ends meet. If you keep the price of your residual income opportunity at $25 or less, there is simply no excuse for anyone not to get involved.

Can you imagine waking up every morning, opening your inbox and seeing Dozens of “Notification of Payment Received.”

Now, imagine this happening each and every month like clockwork, and from the exact same people!

A residual income business can be so powerful and so profitable, once you turn it on, it can’t stop sending you money – even if you wanted it to!

Most residual income opportunities consist of some type of membership site. Let’s say you charge $25 per month for access to your membership site, and let’s say it takes you 1 year – slow and steady, one sale per day.

That’s 365 active members to your membership site by year’s end (365 x $25 = $109,500 per year!). This was not accomplished all at once, it was done one member at a time…one per day.

So stay far away from high price business opportunities and attract the millions who wake up every morning, go online, and say to themselves – I don’t have a lot of money, but what can I do to make some quick cash?

So what is your solution? A residual income business opportunity or membership site should be your perfect solution… they make money for you…even while you sleep!